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Even tough I am more than happy to find out that Elijah and Katherine had been fucking all along, there are issues that weren’t adressed in last night’s episode

The fact that the show decided to ignore 500 years of Elijah hunting down and victim-blaming Katherine is REALLY UPSETTING AND WRONG. He might have apologized off-screen but tbh I don’t think he did

Elijah is not better than Katherine, he’s as ruthless and terrible as her and he is NOT saintly and honourable at all. he has standards/expectations that she doesn’t live up to because he has this madonna/whore dichotomy and he’s chasing this myth of pure, innocent, good Katerina except she is not this girl anymore


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    So they didn’t talked about him shaming and hating Katherine for daring to want to survive? Sigh. Did they at least...
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    alaynestone: #y e p #he never had the right to feel betrayed by katherine #she was trying to survive#his main problem...
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